Calvin Harris Declares he is “Beautiful & 100 % free” On Snapchat & The time Is dubious

Most of us have accomplished some debateable situations after a breakup. Like, including, after my personal breakup, i obtained shaggy front bangs. But this isn’t about me personally. You are sure that, except that the fact that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’ separation threw me personally for a loop and ever since the headlines out of cash i have been keeping track of their unique social media accounts like it’s my work. Well, in fact, i assume it method of is… And in my personal most recent browse their records, I found that thanks to the help of Jessie J’s pop hit “Domino”,
Calvin Harris got to Snapchat to declare himself both “sexy



How exactly does that claiming go once again? One thing pertaining to appearing like a duck, strolling like a duck, doing some other duck-like situations… means the subject in question is actually a duck? Heading down that reason, really does uploading a Snapchat video playing “Domino” and a subsequent video clip inquiring if any person is actually “experiencing beautiful and no-cost now?” and


professing “Im!” while also, allegedly, informing an Instagram follower you are, “perhaps not jealous, but TOTALLY FREE” when it comes to your own previous break up imply that you’re Snapchatting about said present break up? Because, I think maybe it can.

Bustle has already reached out over Harris’ agent concerning alleged Instagram opinions, but has never but heard right back.

If you find yourselfn’t on Snapchat or perhaps you imagine that Harris provides a reignited desire for Jessie J songs that debuted last year, I would ike to give an explanation for suspicious time of usage of the phrase “free.”

This is how their Snapchat story on Thursday unfolded.

First, Harris Posted A Photo Of His Breakfast, With A Salty Caption… For Flavor

Man, now i would like an omelet.

Then, The Guy Posted This Movie Of Himself Walking Down These Tips, Saying…

“The actions of achievements — f*ck you!” which can be…


But The Guy Easily Clarified With This Particular Movie Of A Picturesque Yard

Inside it, he stated in a jovial tone,”simply joking, We f*cking love you. I have got a fresh song in one or two hrs with Dizzee Rascal the known as “Hype”…UK feeling.”

Next… He Then Played



But, perhaps not the whole song. Simply five very informing lyrics. *Cue Jessie J singing, “I’m feeling sexy and free of charge…”* okay, Calvin.


After, The Guy Reiterated The Sentiment

The guy questioned, to not one person specifically except probably the expansive swans, “whom otherwise is actually experiencing sensuous and join fat mature lesbians free today guy? Im!”

Part notice: The irony regarding the appearance of that comparable inflatable swan that both
Harris and Swift happened to be pictured on
within their heyday will not get away me.

Immediately After Which, The Guy Juxtaposed That Strange Combo Of Scenic Pics, Jessie J, And Expletive Laced Vids Using This Calm Breeze

He told his Snapchat market, “Well thats it. I am hoping you enjoyed this inspirational talk. Stay tuned to get more.” Thus,


If it nevertheless doesn’t encourage you this Snapchat tale, or at least a number of it, was actually probably about Swift, We show the Instagram remark under consideration that renders this puzzle, in my view, comprehensive:

Kindly consider the next comment down then feast your vision on what is actually said are Harris’ candid feedback.

Another Instagram individual wrote, “i am aware you’re envious of Taylor today because she’s shifted and found a unique boyfriend for this reason you used those sneakers.” The footwear he is talking about are Yeezy’s that Harris ended up being seen rocking following break up. A questionable option looking at Kanye West and Swift’s sordid general public on again, down once more feud. Harris next presumably reacted back utilizing the previously mentioned kicker, “perhaps not jealous sir, TOTALLY FREE.” To provide him the benefit of the doubt though, a resource seemingly told E! on line that he wasn’t one commenting. And,
E! On Line reported that
the feedback had been erased.

Discover finished ., if Harris did, actually, make those quips, this site notes he performed the like Thursday, the


same day these particular snaps were used. While he didn’t make the commentary, probably he heard of them or watched all of them nonetheless wished to play-off on the whole thing. Timing is

every little thing

. *Pounds gavel* I rest my personal situation.

Photos: Calvin Harris/Snapchat

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